Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where Conservatives Get It Wrong

A liberal (small l) feels there is a need for respect where a conservative (small c) (apparently) believes in law and order.  Even if law and order were not applied sparingly and with a devotion to convenience for the rich, it still fails to engenders respect.  Nor would it be as fiscally conservative as respect, in all likelihood.  Conservatives simply grab the wrong end of the stick.  They do not have the confidence that respect engenders law and order.

Similarly just as (small l) liberals believe that a community is responsible for a community's social, mental and physical health, the conservatives believe that individuals are responsible for their own well-being.  Again, conservatives are misguided in assuming that their approach engenders the outcomes we ought to strive for rather than the spite and the judgment that we live with today.

And then there is this, which seems quite comfortable in the minds of shrink-the-government-until-you can-drown-it-in-a-bathtub.  You can rebuild and rebrand the conservative movement but if you cannot moderate the principles you are founded upon you end up with society-poisoning stands on gun control and Tom Flanagan's position on child porn.