Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vancouver's Olympic Protesters Hypocrites Without a Cause

The Individuals involved, and their ilk have spray painted on fences on my street along with the anarchy logo. A visit to that website merely boasts about myriad unrelated incidents and little to present a coherent, rational argument citing the shortcomings, broken promises or cash-shredding hypocrisies of VANOC or its partners.

These people are intent to cause havoc and satisfy their overwatered narcissism. They are more interested in media attention than justice. Their position is a muddle of cliches that have done nothing to bring new light or perspective to any issues or directly associate them with the "crime" of hosting the games. They are more interested in preening themselves for the role of victim of police brutality than they are in shedding light on the victims they assert so vaguely to advocate for.

They do not bring to the streets or the argument a credibility of stance, a consistency of belief or even a knowledge of who they ought to target. Attacking TD when RBC has been the sponsor of the games and the torch run is a clear indication of how solipsistically out of touch these outgrown adolescents are and their loose definition of violence emphasizes that they are mere willing to twist reality than their purported opponents. It also indicates that they are more interested in scattering havoc than they are in making a point.

The masks, the ladders, the lack of articulate argument point to the fact that these people have taken to the streets out of a gross inability to engage in a meaningful dialogue that is only more gross than the arrogance with which they claim to be defending to fight for the marginalized parts of their society. Few people would want these clowns to be their advocates or champions.